It is crucial to put the agronomic recommendations into practice through implementation of a variable application to achieve effective results of the PREFARM system.  

Since 1997, our Agro Division has specialized in technologies enabling GPS navigated variable applications of solid and liquid fertilizers as well as variable applications of calcium.

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PREFARM® clients who do not want to take advantage of variable fertilizer application services can also use their own variable application technology or complete their own application technology with a variable application control device. In these cases, the application map is delivered to the customer in the format desired for the specific device to be used for the application.
The easiest way to use the results of a recommendation based on the PREFARM® system is to apply fertilizers in individual zones. It is used by farmers who do not have complete equipment for automatic machine control in variable fertilizer application. The land is divided into zones that differ from one another by its distictive features. Machine operators needs to "manually adjusts the dosing settings" with respect to their current location on the land, controlled by any simple GPS receiver. Although this is technically quite a primitive form of a variable application, it can still achieve significant fertilizer savings or better nutrient efficiency. This method is often used  for the application of calcium or organic fertilizers.

When you invest to any new application techniques, we strongly recommend that you verify yourself the vendor's declaration on the ability of a variable application options. It is common practice that a technique that has guaranteed the capability of variable application is either not at all flexible with the variable application or at the expense of massive additional investment.