MJM Litovel a.s. offers a wide range of high quality seed of

potent domestic and foreign varieties and hybrids.

We cooperate with the leading seed companies, owners of varieties and breeding stations.
All seed we offer comes from recognized breeding stations. Our seed hes been stained  with effective stains and delivered in bags or bulk bags in compliance with the customer's request.
We ensure timely and operative delivery of seed to the customer. We dispose of storage capacity in Litovel, VOP Přerov and VOP Skalice nad Svitavou wher we can store the seeds up to the time of collection.
We provide expert consulting  on the most suitable selection of varieties and hybrids for certain growing areas or specific habitats and market demand.
MJM Litovel a.s. provides above-standard trading facilities and offers favorable payment conditions, allowing  payment for seed out of the harvest.


  • winter wheat, spring wheat,
  • winter barley, spring barley,
  • triticale, oat seed, winter rye,
  • maize


  • winter rape, spring rape
  • mustard white, poppy seed
  • flax, sunflower


  • green pea
  • gourd field pea
  • broad bean


  • alfalfa, clover
  • grass, grass mixtures