PREFARM Nitrosensing is a technology developed for the variable application of nitrogen that is used to optimise the fertilizing for production and quality boost of winter crops.

The result of the variable nitrogen application with the PREFARM nitrosensing system is the optimization of the nitrogen fertilizer consumption, increase of the yield and above all the stabilization and improvement of the production quality parameters.

Our company has launched this service to Czech market in 2005, when air multispectral images were used to analyze the current nutritional status of the growth. In 2017, they were replaced by multispectral Sentinel 2A-2B images. Unlike other companies, we do not use pre-processed data based on poor quality cloud masks models. We do all the source data processing ourselves, using long  years of experience and know-how.

The data in form of images are processed and evaluated within 48 hours. We analyze the spectrum of images, so that we can map the variability of the growth density, chlorophyll content and other characteristics. When processing the results, we observe and take into account the weather, in particular precipitation and temperature, the current development phase of the crop and, in particular, the specific varietal characteristics.

The result is a set of application maps for variable nitrogen application that show the need for nitrogen fertilization, the minimum and maximum recommended doses, and a detailed description of the variability documented. Settings can be customized with respect to the knowledge of local conditions. Most agronomists use this option actively. The aim is to reduce the risk of over-fertilization in certain parts of the land and, on the contrary, to optimally "top up" other parts to the maximum production capacity. For this purpose, a specific method of recommending a suitable dose was developed.

Significant environmental impacts are also associated with more efficient use of nutrients and elimination of nitrogen losses with negative impact on the environment.
The final and recommended application maps serve as a basis for automatic spreading of fertilizer controlled by a spreader or sprayer computer.
PREFARM Nitrosensing customers who can not use our application services can apply variably using their own application technology. For this purpose, it is possible to use the same technological equipment as for variable applications as recommended by the PREFARM® system.