One of the main advantages of the PREFARM system is the PREFARM MapServer web application tha forms an integral part of the system. This unique application has been developed by our company in response  to the needs of precision farming since 2005. It has been constantly adapted to the requirements of our customers, which guarantees its maximum utility value.

This web application is not only meant for agronomists, it is also widely used by the management of individual farms to get a quick overview of the overall state of the land under cultivation before they buy fertilizers.

PREFARM MapServer has significantly accelerated and improved the fertilization plan for the upcoming season, which is one of the basic activities of agronomic work. At present, there is no comparable tool for the development of agronomic fertilization plans in the Czech Republic or abroad, which would allow the choice between variable and traditional applications, take into account the state of the sorption complex and the grain composition of the soil, allow the deduction of nutrients with regard to organic fertilization, fertilizers (digestates, fugatives, etc.) provide previews of application maps, including the processing and implementation of yield maps, etc.