PREFARM® - a complex system of customized agriculture


Since 1997, we offer to our clients a hi-tech system of customized farming with the trade name PREFARM. Its main benefits are the most efficient use of fertilizers, increase in land yields and stabilization of production quality. The various elements of the PREFARM system have been currently applied on an area of several hundred thousand hectares in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. The long-term monitoring shows the positive influence of the controlled variable application on the fertilizer use efficiency by 14% on average, in calcareous fertilizers up to 24%. According to the degree of fertilization intensity, we are talking about 200-600 CZK / ha, which guarantees a safe return of funds invested in the system implementation in the very first year after the implementation.

PREFARM is a truly dynamic product that has been constantly evolving in line with the latest knowledge in the agronomic and technical field. That is why we participate in several scientific and research projects in order to keep up with the latest trends. The outcomes and conclusions are thereby immediately integrated into the system to continually improve the quality of our service.

PREFARM Department

Ludvík Vymlátil 
Head of Department

tel.: +420 585 151 953 
mobile: +420 606 922 484