The basis of customized agriculture is the land site variability data collecting and their subsequent processing in Geographic information system applications. That allows detailed analysis of information on a specific plot of land. The PREFARM system is unique in the complexity of data used for agronomic recommendations. Data from agricultural land testing, crop yield maps, remote sensing of the Earth, sensory measurements and other relevant sources (Bonitated soil ecological unit, altimetry etc.) are used if available. More than 70% of previously mapped areas have been proved to have significant variability in the measured features.

The specified land spatial variability complemented by the necessary agronomic information (sowing, organic fertilization etc.) is then processed in the PREFARM MapServer web GIS application. Our customers have all data available online in the form of spatial maps (eg content of accessible nutrients, soil reaction, sorption complex status, water capacity, grain composition, variable application maps etc.), agronomic recommendations overview (recommended variable and traditional fertilization plans) and statistics.