What comprehensive services mean to us? A wide range of support services connected to the application technologies.

What comprehensive services mean to us? 

  • Fertilization needs mapping, fertilization plans within the PREFARM® system
  • Ensuring quality goods, their treatment and storage until application time
  • Ensuring logistics and manipulation up to the field
  • Challenger-driven application, always with option of variable GPS application


  • Application of liquid industrial fertilizers
  • Application of solid fertilizers
  • Application of pesticides
  • Liming


  • We provide distribution of liquid fertilizers DAM 390, SAM 240.

Our Offer

  • Storage
  • Transport and distribution
  • Manipulation 
  • Application

As one of the few companies in the Czech Republic, we provide both standard applications
and spatially variable applications based on outputs from the PREFARM® system.

We also offer:
Storage of fertilizers in flexi-tanks together with supply service.